Sunday, April 29

The King and His Kingdom | Back to the Future | Matthew 24:1-31

Do you remember Y2K?  At the turn of the century, everyone was worried about the world shutting down because of the potential inability of computers to make the change when the calendar turned 2000.  Some even predicted the end of the world.  Ever since the invention of the atomic bomb in the 1940s, the end of the world has become a new modern fear.  And even more recently, concerns about the environment have people wondering about the possibility of the destruction of life as we know it on this planet with global warming, the rate at which we are polluting the environment, and all the natural disasters we’ve experienced in recent years.  We’re not alone with our concern about these matters.  And as we learn from our passage this morning, people as far back as those who lived at the time of Jesus have had a keen interest in when the world would end and God’s plan for the Second Coming. 
What can we learn from what Jesus had to say about this?


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